Monday, January 7, 2013

New Book Release: I Can Teach My Child to Read! A 10-Step Guide for Parents

My boys are well on their way to reading and I owe most of that to the crash course I got when I served as a preschool teacher for two years at a local church.  We had workshop type meetings to attend, materials to read through and I had all kinds of wonderful early childhood education teachers around to guide me as I dove into helping 3 year olds and pre-K kids unwrap the magic of letters and words.

The education has not gone to waste and my boys LOVE reading and learning to read.  I often wonder what I would have done to teach them if I had not gotten the experience I did right before becoming a stay at home mom.  I've never really seen a down to earth guide to helping kids read for regular ol' moms who just want to help their kids get off on the right foot.  Until now!

Other than the fact that Scripture is revealed to us in WORDS and it's important that our kids be able to someday read AND comprehend those sacred Words, this post has little to do with teaching kids the Bible. BUT when Jenae asked me to share her new ebook, I Can Teach My Child to Read!  A 10-Step Guide for Parents, I was thrilled to agree for 2 reasons:

1)  I know a lot of you have kids my boys' age who are taking those first steps in reading, so I figured this post would not be lost on my audience.
2)  I remember reading the material for teaching kids to read and it was BORING.  I was thrilled to see that Jenae made this super approachable for someone without an education degree.  She also added lots of pictures throughout the text to provide examples and gives lots of doable activities that you can begin doing immediately with your child.

If you've ever wondered if you're doing the right things with your baby through preschool aged child as far as reading goes, this 55 page resource will be the perfect confidence booster for you.  It will give you the tools and ideas you need to give the gift of reading to your child.

Today through Friday ONLY you can get I Can Teach My Child to Read!  A 10-Step Guide for Parents for 50%!  That makes it only $1.99 and a really great deal!  It can be downloaded as a PDF or It can be downloaded as a PDF or Kindle version!  Yay!

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