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Bible Themed Quiet Bags: MOSES

The life of Moses is up next in our Bible Themed Quiet Bag series!  I spent A LOT of time organizing this bag in hopes that you wouldn't hope to!  Part of my desire with this ministry is to take out some of the hard work so that teaching your kids God's Word feels more accessible and doable.  All of the ideas in this post may not appeal to your child or fit your budget, but I pray that you are able to come away with at least a few activities that your kids will not only enjoy, but will help cement Scripture in their mind.

Obviously Moses' life has a lot of details, so I've only hit a few of the events in his life to cover in this bag.

Moses' birth is memorable and interesting, so we did a few activities surrounding the event.

Basket Weave -  This one may or may not be a hit.  I simply trimmed a piece of construction paper down to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, trimmed the corners to make it more "basket-like" and laminated it.  I used a box cutter to cut vertical slits on the paper every inch.  I then cut out strips of paper that were 1.25 inches wide and laminated them so that they could be weaved.  Now, Isaac is not super into fine motor stuff that requires concentration and diligence with his hands, so I plan to introduce this to him BEFORE church so that I'm not trying to explain it to him during service and trying to keep him from getting frustrated.  Plus, I want him to make the connection that this activity is included in the bag because Moses' mom weaved him a basket to keep him safe in the water.

Felt Baby Moses Stained Glass Puzzle - You could just print this on cardstock and/or laminate it, but I like to glue pieces down to felt and use it on our homemade felt board to keep the pieces from sliding around.  (You can take a look at my little tutorial if you want to try it out).  I've noticed that the less irritations there are (like pieces that won't stay in place), the less noise there often is.  :)  Plus it's one more thing that adds a little extra interest to an activity.  The more variety, the more likely the activities are to keep his attention for a longer period of time.

Coloring Matching Hide Baby Moses Game -  This game is really too simple for Isaac (though he enjoys taking a couple of minutes to complete it and enjoys hiding baby Moses in the bulrushes.  I actually included it in the set beause I want to have activities that are appropriate for Silas when he joins us in church.  He's all about colors right now and I think it will be great to have this on hand in a few months!

Shape Matching File Folder Game-  Again this activity is more appropriate for a younger child and I included it for Silas.  The nice thing is that even when it's "too easy" for Isaac, he often still enjoys doing it and will spend a few minutes engaged in the activity because it adds somes variety.  I CANNOT figure out what site this came from!  Grrrr!!!  If you find the website where it came from would you pretty please leave a comment so I can add the link and give credit to the right place?  It's super cute!

Find the Letters to Moses' Name-  This one is simple enough to prepare.  Print and laminate the page and you're good to go.  I included a dry erase marker so he can color (or more likely cirlce) the letters in the word "Moses."

Baby Moses coloring pages and a baggie of crayons are great to include in a busy bag and here's a great one for baby Moses.  If you'd like to add more or don't care for this one, a quick google search will bring up dozens more you could use.

10 Plagues
"Let my people go!"

So, I'm pretty excited about this next activity.  The story of the 10 Plagues is fascinating and an incredible display of God's mighty power.  I've mentioned before that I try to include a hands-on activity in as many bags as possible and I thought the plagues would be a really fun one to try to do this with.  Here's what I've got planned:  Similar to the Days of Creation Review, I've got the numbers 1-10 written on on some cards.  Because there are so many, I know many will not have the order memorized (um, I don't :).  Anyway, I decided to give a clue with each one.  I made a set for early readers with a word on it and made a second set with a picture on it for pre-readers (and those who are still getting familiar with the order).  Print out the set that will work best for your child and have them match the plague with the number.  I plan to use the set with pictures for a week or two with Isaac and then switch it out with the "clue words" in the second set when he gets a little more familiar with it.  (Note:  The clue word for the frog plague is "hop" and for grasshoppers is "jump."  I know they're really similar, so you might discuss it with your child before they do the activity.)

I got some inspiration for some of these ides from Bible Fun for Kids.  Isaac is so, so, so excited for it to be time to do this bag and do this activity in particular.  :)

1. Water to blood (red water in plastic bottle from Hobby Lobby sealed with hot glue)

2.  Frogs (Dollar Tree or Target frogs - these aren't too hard to find and I already had roughly a million lying around the house).

3.  Lice (rice)- I used these little mini paint pots I found at Hobby Lobby to store the rice in.  I was afraid they would get lost in the mix with all the other bigger items and couldn't find a small container or baggie that came with a single item.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll find a use for the other 11 pots eventually!  :)

Calling them "lice" really does make me kind of itchy.  Shudder!
4.  Flies (If you don't do this right away, I imagine they would be pretty easy to find at a costume store at Halloween, but since I'm planning to use them soon and couldn't find them elsewhere, I went to a local educational supply store and bought a container with both a fly and a grasshopper which covered 2 of my plagues!  They can also be ordered online here.)

5.  Death of Livestock (Small plastic animals; we have quite a few of these around the house as well.)

6.  Boils (Bandaid.  I saw a cute idea for using bubble wrap, but that's not exactly quiet, so I went the bandaid route to represent the fact that they had sores that hurt.)

7.  Hail (Clear marble or rock- Easy to find at Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby)

8.  Grasshoppers (See #4-Flies and the set I got with both bugs included)

9.  Darkness (I bought a small cardboard box from Hobby Lobby for .99, glued the lid on and cut a small hole in it with a box cutter.  When you look inside, all you see is darkness.  :)

10.  Death of Firstborn (The death was very real, but I didn't want to emphasize that part with Isaac, so I decided to emphasize God's means of salvation for the Israelites which was to paint the blood of a lamb around their doorframe.  To represent this, I added a paintbrush to the bag.)

What's Different? Plague Page - Another easy-peasy one!  Just print, laminate and let your kiddo color or circle the differences between the side by side pictures.  

Coloring Pages:  There are quite a few "Moses" coloring pages you can get to through the previous link.  Here is one I printed off to represent the plagues:

10 Commandments
Moses went up on Mt. Sinai and got the "rules" that God expected his people to live by.

The Ten Commandments Train -  This one may appeal to boys more, I don't know, but my boys love trains so I included it in the bag.  The object is to put the commandments in order with the engine in front and the caboose at the end.  Isaac is getting reading down pretty well, so he can get the general idea, but he definitely doesn't have the order of the commandments memorized (um, I'm not really sure I do either).  I added the number on the back of each car with a permanent marker so he could check, or you could even write it on the front of the card if you wanted to.  Kind of a bit difficult for a young child, but  like I said, my boys like trains, so I decided to include it.  

10 Commandments Sequencing (Scroll down the page a bit to find it)-  This file folder game is kind of neat.  There are 10 numbers with the commandment written out on it with a picture that matches or represents each commandment.  The numbers are really big so I had to cut a 2nd file folder in half and tape it to the bottom to get them all on (and tri-fold it when we're done using it).  Again, this can be adapted for your child by writing the number on the back or front of the picture card or leaving it as is for more of a challenge.  

Magnetic Scene - I made this just like I made the Nativity magnetic scene using the big sticker scene from Oriental Trading Co.  (I cut down the background so it will fit in my laminator laminator and a busy bag more easily).  If you'd like to make one too, you can find the sticker scene here (comes in a pack of twelve, so this would be great to split with a group of friends!) and the instructions for assembly here.

Foam Stickers - A piece of paper and a baggie of these stickers allows for a little creativity.  I like having lots of activities with a "right and wrong" way to do it, but I think it's good to include a few things where Isaac can have a little freedom and decide to do what he'd like.  These stickers have all 10 commandments as well as Moses and Mt. Sinai figures.  And it comes in a bag of 500... um, definitely might want to split this with someone...

"C is for Commandments" Writing Page -  Coloring/writing... two activities in one page!  Something a little different and Isaac enjoys doing letters he already knows how to make.   We won't talk about his reaction to "tricky" ones.  ;)

Coloring pages:  I got this coloring page from the same link as I got the plagues coloring page.  You can find printable pages from many parts of Moses' life through the previous link.

As far as organization goes, the papers and file folder games I store loosely in the bag.  The games with several pieces, puzzles and sorting activities I keep in a baggie or envelope.

I realize that budgets and/or time may not allow for all of these activities to be included in your bag, but considering this bag will easily last us 3 weeks at church, a few of activities above could be chosen and used for a week or 2 without a huge time or financial commitment.

Because this bag reviews details from several stories, I will spend some time with Isaac before Sunday re-reading the life of Moses from a children's Bible, specifically his birth, the plagues and the 10 commandments.  I know that as long as he's familiar with the stories, these activities will be a great review and a fun way to help him internalize them.

The scene for the magnet activity and the foam stickers are included in this week's giveaway which end tonight!  Don't forget to get entered if you're interested in starting some Bible-themed quiet bags of your own.  I'll announce a winner in the morning!

Some of the links above are my affiliate links.  To read my disclosure policy, click here.


  1. Holy cow, woman! These are FANTASTIC ideas! I like the train, and the plagues with all the hands on stuff.
    Hiding baby Moses in the colored bulrushes is so cute. :) My toddler will like that one!

    And putting your puzzle pieces on felt? GENIUS. Sheer genius.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad you like them! And there are very few ideas that I've come up with on my own, but I am pretty proud of the felt puzzle thing. Lol. ;)

  2. 1) WHY, oh WHY, are you not selling these on etsy? Please do.

    1. Hm, Melissa, that's a good idea. Maybe we I can contract it out... or remind me again when I'm twiddling my thumbs and wondering what to do with my free time. ;) Love ya, girl. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. These are great ideas!!! Wish I had thought about things like this when I had toddlers!

  4. Whew! Amazing! These are so fabulous! And you EVER twiddle your thumbs ;)

  5. Wow, lots of great ideas here Desire! Thanks for sharing all of them. What I am wondering is, do you find that it is more distracting to you during service to keep all of these activities going/in the bag/not going everywhere/etc...? That is all I can think, "My boys would have this stuff flying or would be asking tons of questions or fighting over their favorites :) Just wondering how that all goes down with your son during service.

    1. Most weeks it goes very smoothly! I go over all the activities (usually Saturday night or Sunday morning) so he knows how to do them. Once I've gone over them once, I usually don't have to review each week. He has to put one activity away before he gets out the next and we usually let him sit on the floor by our feet for the activities that have pieces so they aren't falling into the row behind us. We have awesome, older families in front of and behind us who are very patient as we train, but usually it's not a problem. We only have Isaac with us right now. I imagine with Silas joins us that they'll sit on either side of Mommy and Daddy to avoid fighting and talking until they're a little older.

  6. These are wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to do them with my kids. Question on the 10 Plagues are we able to download your number cards with the clues on them?

    1. Eek, Angie! I had forgotten to put the link to those. They're there now... and yes, please feel free to download them and use them!! Thanks for letting me know I didn't have them up!




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