Monday, September 10, 2012

AWANA Cubbies Verse Songs and Preschool Scripture Memorization

Isaac started Cubbies this year!

If you've never heard of Awana before, it's basically a children's program with an emphasis on Scripture memorization.  Matt and I are beginning our 6th year of teaching in T&T.  Though there are little odds and ends about the program that I don't just love, I think it's one of the best programs out there for helping families make teaching the Bible a priority in their home.

I know I'm a broken record, but I LOVE having tunes for the boys to learn Bible verses to.  I found this site called that has a download of songs for all the verses in the Hopper and Jumper Cubbie books.  This site is not associated with Awana from what I can tell, but was just a project that was done for anyone interested in having these verses set to music.  "I Wanna Sing Volume 1" has the verses from the Hopper book on it and "I Wanna Sing Volume 2" has the verses from the Jumper book on it.  Isaac's group is doing the Jumper book this year, so that's the album I purchased, but they have some samples you can listen to of both.

When I found it, I quickly bought and downloaded the music and here are a few criticisms to give you a good idea before you purchase:

1.  The site is not overly user friendly.  I'm not super computer savvy, so I had to have my husbands help to get the MP3 files to transfer to our iTunes playlist.  As long as you have someone who knows more than I do about all that fun stuff, it's probably not a big deal, but it's definitely not like buying an album from Amazon or iTunes.

2.  They seem to be very willing to help you if you have trouble downloading your purchase, but it took me two tries before I was able to get it to download.  The link in my confirmation e-mail didn't work, but the one from the "transaction results" page did.

3.  These songs are not SEEDS or Rizers quality.  Some of them are little more than quick jingles.  Some of them are put to "popular tunes" and there is one put to Ice, Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice that is ree-to-the-diculous!  Not bad, but just, well, weird?!?  I'm sure it'll end up being the boys' favorite song.  ;)

Why I would still recommend it:

1.  The songs are fun and upbeat (even if the singers are not American Idol quality).

2.  It gives me a way to review old verses by playing the songs in the car or in the house as we go about our day.

3.  It keeps me from having to come up with some jingle on my own as I work with Isaac on his verses each week.  Singing God's Word has proved so effective in my life (and in my boys' to this point) that I am thrilled that there is something already made that I can use as I introduce new Scripture each week.

If you're not involved in Awana, these songs could still be a good fit if you'd like some shorter verses to work on with your kids.  Most of the SEEDS and Rizers songs are a full verse or even verses.  If this overwhelms you or your child, these verses could be a good place to start as many of them are only portions of verses.

Does anyone else have some recommendations for working on Scripture memorization with your Cubbie?

Updated and Edited to add:
A few readers let me know that AWANA actually offers albums with the verses for each club put to song as well!  Though I haven't bought it yet, it looks like a fantastic option (maybe even a better one?)  Here's the Cubbies one and you should be able to get to all other clubs from the menu on the left side of the page!  Yay for options!  And yay for a tool to help our little ones memorize with ease!  :)


  1. I want a seeds album for my ids..the few I've heard are so good.

    Your mention of cubbies brings back memories---I worked in Cubbies for about 7 years!

  2. I checked the AWANA website, and you can also purchase a CD or an iTunes album from them for $9.99 with all of the verses put to song, plus the Cubbies theme song. There's a CD for each book. Here's the link.,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=kids-clubs-cubbies

  3. Thanks Desiré! Elliot started Awanas this year too. Still getting acquainted with it! I am going to look up this cd and the one mentioned by Kelly. <3

  4. Thanks! Was JUST talking to Alec about finding and buying a CD for Cubbies! Just a Q about your Cubbies group- We're doing the hoPpr book and it suggests having the 4 yr olds memorize verse names. I started out really enforcing this, but they don't really test them on it (but he IS in a group w some young 3 year olds, so maybe that's why?) I'll probably just keep encouraging verse name memorization, too. I hope the songs include it:) Great timing for this post!!!

    1. Yes, it's the same with ours. 3 year olds just have to memorize the verse and they encourage 4 years olds to memorize the reference too. Isaac's on the younger side, but I still encourage learning the reference and he seems to do fine with it. I don't make a big deal if he doesn't get it and I have no idea if he actually says it to his leaders or not, but I figure it doesn't hurt to take a minute to help him understand where it's at in the Bible. :)

  5. AWANA does indeed offer Scripture music cd's to match their handbooks including the translation versions for Cubbies, Sparks and T&T.

  6. Thanks for your input everyone! I updated the post to add that AWANA offers the Scripture memory cds for all clubs. I'm pretty sure I found the page from AWANA one time with all of them and then when Isaac started Cubbies and I tried to find it again, I couldn't find it for the LIFE of me, so I convinced myself I was crazy and had made it up! Haha! Thanks for helping me find it and sharing! :)

  7. For Americans, the Awana online store is at: (then click on the shopping cart at top right) OR just go to this link directly:

    For Canadians, it's

    Be sure to use the correct one for your location, as the stores will not ship to each other's country.

    Also, I noticed you have the Cubbies logo on your blog, and wonder.... are you a registered church? Did you have to get permission to use the logo or were you able to snag it somewhere?
    Thanks! (my kids loved Awana but have grown out of the ages offered now)



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