Thursday, October 27, 2011

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho

I've put off posting our Walls of Jericho activities because I had grandiose ideas in my mind of what it was going to look like, and it didn't happen.  I was determined to make it SUPER cool (like the walls were going to look like they ACTUALLY fell down on their own), but as it turned out, it was just cool (like we marched some army guys around the walls and a new story from God's Word was cemented in Isaac's mind.  :)

I love the story of Joshua and the Battle of Jericho.  It's a fun, action-packed story that shows the power of God in an incredible way!  There was no shortage of children's Bibles with this story in it.  I love how each version points out different things and how the repetition helps the lesson to stick, so we read it from all of these pictured.  

I took our small wooden blocks and set them up in a fortified-city fashion.  I tried really hard to think of some way to make it to where, with one movement, I could make the entire wall fall down.  I tried setting them up domino-style and it didn't work.  I tried lacing a thick string around the bottoms of the blocks with the hopes that I could just pull on the string and they would all come crashing down.  I could not get this to work either. I settled for using a pillowcase and when it came time for the wall to fall down, I pulled quickly on the sheet.  This worked pretty well, but all of the army guys we used fell down as well.  :/  I think actual dominoes or some other type of block might work better.  If you've got any ideas, please leave a comment!!!

I purchased some army men from the Dollar Tree and we used them to march around the city one time for six days in a row.

At the end of each day they went back to camp and went to sleep for the night.

On the 7th day we marched the army men around the city 7 times.  

At the end I told the boys to make as much noise as possible.  They were happy to oblige and as they did I pulled quickly on the pillowcase and the "walls came tumblin' down."  

I used to try to do all of our activities for a Bible story on one day, but I'm all about spreading these lessons out now.  I truly think Isaac remembers them better when we don't cram it in all at once and it's a WHOLE lot less pressure on me.  

This week I decided to review our lesson with a fun after-dinner treat!  I found this cute snack idea here using graham crackers, rice cakes, icing and gummy bears and kind of came up with our own version.  I bought some jumbo marshmallows, vanilla icing (though in hindsight, I don't think this ingredient was necessary) and gummy bears.

I gave them each 4 marshmallows to from a square for the city walls.

I put a pea-sized dot of icing on top of each one to act as "glue" and then they placed another one on top.  Because I hardly even made a dent in the tub of icing, I think I would use peanut butter or maybe even just wet the tops of the marshmallows to make them sticky if I did it again.  

I then gave them each 2 gummy bears to use as Israelites and we acted our the story.  (Teddy grahams would also work well.)

On the 7th day, after the 7th time around the city, we shouted

and knocked our walls down.

We finished off the lesson by stuffing our faces full of marshmallows and gummy bears and then the boys proceeded to run around the house as hyper as all get out for the rest of the night.  :)

In the next few days I'm hoping to act the story out in "real life" with the boys.  I'm going to set up a few folding chairs in the middle of the living room and we're going to march around the "city" and act out the details of the story.  I'm going to give them each an empty paper towel tube (a toilet paper roll would work too) and when it's time to shout and blow the trumpets, we're going to shout and blast a tune on our imaginary trumpets!  I might even (gently) knock the "walls" down.  :)


  1. What fabulous ideas! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. We did Jericho recently and my son loved it! We also did a craft for a Bible book using sandpaper for the walls. I'll have to remember your snack idea for next time!

  3. How fun! My boys will love this one!

  4. That's awesome! I will admit I just threw my army men away because of the way my kids were beginning to play with them....the whole shooting thing was getting out of hand. I knew there would be a good use for them....I bet if we dug around we could still find a few! :0)

  5. @ Amanda, cute idea for a craft!

    @jodilee0123, I can totally see how that could happen. Isaac hasn't quite figured all that shooting stuff out yet!

  6. These ideas are so fun, I love them! I'm going to "pin" the blocks/army men. Spreading it out over the 7 days was a smart idea.

    And that snack looks like a lot of fun too. Thank you for sharing!

  7. The Melissa and Doug big cardboard blocks might work with pulling a blanket out from underneath them. :)

  8. Very cute! I think my boy Zeke would eat this up.
    Here is his blog he is just starting a new blog for young people and new Christians. He needs some comments so please drop by when you an at:

  9. @Jenae- Good call! What a fun way to act it out in "real life." I bet they would fall over pretty easily too, since they're so lightweight. Better add those to my Christmas wihslist! ;)

  10. Your ideas are cute. Did this lesson with my PreK VBS class and they loved it, of course. I took kazoos and we taped them to the inside of small paper cups that they painted yellow for more of a trumpet look. I also took as many lightweight boxes as I could find and let them build a tower that we pretended was the city. I purposely let them build it to be slightly unstable and had attached string to the bottom box. We marched around the city very quietly each time we came to that part of the story. At the end of the seventh time on the seventh day I signaled them to make as much noise as possible and I yanked the string. It worked perfectly and the kids loved it. They even begged to do it again.

    1. Love it! Thanks for sharing!!! -Desire'

  11. jenga blocks stood on end will tip over fairly easily for an army men scale wall

  12. Love the Marshmallows idea. I work with an afterschool group and looking forward to this one!

  13. Let me see if I can explain this...We sing "the walls came tumbling down" (without all the parts in the chorus) while the kids are marching around the city and every time the word down is sung they fall down. We do this several times, singing faster and faster.



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